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Thigh Lift Turkey – Istanbul | Costs | Leg Lift

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Thigh Lift Turkey – Costs – Leg Lift

Thigh Lift Turkey is done when the upper part of the legs loses its tension due to reasons such as ingesting and giving tone, aging, and childbirth. Loosening and sagging begins to show especially in the inner parts, this situation is generally not liked by women and a thigh lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is performed. Of course, it is possible to get rid of sagging and irregularities through exercise and regular diet, but those who want to solve the work faster can opt for the thigh lift turkey.

How long does a thigh lift surgery take in Turkey?

The thigh lift surgery in Turkey usually takes 1-2 hours and is similar to burning fat.

Thanks to the thigh lift in Istanbul, it is possible to get rid of fat legs. The sagging is graded before the patient is put into service.

According to this evaluation, the amount of fat in the legs is also measured, and the patient is informed of the incision area by measuring the sagging. In the thigh lift turkey, the stab marks usually stay in the leg and extend into the groin area. This way, stitch marks will not appear from the outside.

Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei - Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung
Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei – Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung

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How is thigh lift done in Turkey?

Depending on age and obesity, a thigh lift (leg lift) in Turkey is performed to avoid sagging, especially in the inner leg. In particular, the inner legs may rub against each other due to being overweight, and in this case, sweating will trigger the formation of a rash, which will lead to the formation of a rash. Women who are aesthetically uncomfortable also request surgery. A thigh lift is also known as a thigh lift.

The leg lift Turkey should be done in a fully equipped hospital as it is a very serious operation that usually requires anesthesia. A lot of excess skin is removed over the groin line to the inside surface of the leg, the skin on the inside of the leg is stretched up and sewn back at the groin line. This removes excess fat and provides tension to the skin. For some patients, liposuction is also integrated into the aesthetics of the thigh lift.

Process for a thigh lift in Turkey

Activities that require strength, such as B. Exercise, but should be started at least 4 weeks later. Aesthetic leg lift surgery Turkey has the property of leaving scars in the sewn areas, but the scars will fade over time. After the surgery, the person should definitely not smoke as it can lead to all kinds of complications. There is always a risk that the scars will worsen after such operations. The healing and complete removal of the scar varies from person to person

Thigh Lift Istanbul, Turkey Before After Pictures & Results

Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei - Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung
Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei – Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung

Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei - Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung
Oberschenkelstraffung Türkei – Kosten & Vorher Nachher – Beinstraffung


Frequently asked questions about thigh lift & leg lift Turkey

  • 1. What does a thigh lift in Turkey cost?

    The cost of a thigh lift in Turkey usually varies depending on the hospital and patient, so it is not correct to give a unique price. However, since it is a serious operation, it is recommended to do it in a quality hospital with experienced and experienced doctors. An assessment is made prior to the thigh lift, and the price list is usually drawn up during this time. When determining the price;

    • The degree of limp legs
    • Adipose tissue ratio in the legs
    • Whether or not additional fat removal is performed
    • Technique of the selected operation

    Its ingredients are effective.

  • 2. How long are you on sick leave after a thigh lift in Turkey?

    The process after the thigh lift in Turkey does not usually go with uncomfortable pain, but can be overcome with painkillers administered by the doctor. You can get up on the same day, only slight swelling and bruising will appear on the inner surface of the leg. It may take at least 1 week for this swelling and bruising to recover and you can travel by plane 2-3 days after the leg lift surgery Turkey, meaning full recovery will be 2-3 days later. You can also take a shower after 2-3 days, but it should be remembered that the healing process can vary from person to person. It is possible to fully recover in about a week and 10 days. The person can return to their normal life.

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