Rhinoplasty Turkey Istanbul – Cost – Nose Job Turkey

Rhinoplasty Turkey – Istanbul (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty Turkey is performed by almost everyone, regardless of men and women. Some aesthetic procedures are done entirely at the person’s request as they are not satisfied with their nose. Some plastic surgeries can be done because of problems such as improper breathing. Nose Job Turkey, known as rhinoplasty, is usually done by people who do not like their physical structure.

The shape of the nose, which is adjusted according to the structure of the face, results from various measurements. Then the surgical intervention is started for the nose shape determined according to the facial structure. These operations, performed with anesthesia, are either open or closed. It can take about 1 or 3 hours. Rhinoplasty Turkey is an important procedure. For this reason, it should be done by a good doctor in a well-equipped center.

If you want a nose job in Istanbul, Turkey too, we will give you the best nose job. It comes to the fore after nose surgery, health problems or aesthetic problems. It is possible to divide health problems into two groups.

1- Structural disorders in the nose

Structural defects in the nose prevent the person from breathing properly, and the nose loses its ability to perform this function. These potential problems significantly affect a person’s quality of life. These conditions can be genetic, or they can occur due to narrowing or clogging of the air passages as a result of previous trauma.

2- Deformities in the nose

Deformities in the nose can also be caused by genetic reasons, as well as subsequent bumps, falls or similar trauma, burns or various diseases. It is also possible that deformities can cause psychological problems in the person. Rhinoplasty offers a partial or complete solution to these problems. Nasal surgeries are performed for aesthetic reasons.

More about nose job Turkey

When it comes to nose operations, the first thing that comes to mind is nose operations that are performed for aesthetic reasons. Nasal surgeries are sometimes performed because of physical aesthetics and sometimes because of anatomical issues. Defects in the anatomical structure of the nose can sometimes cause breathing problems. In fact, the most common reason for nasal surgery is breathing problems, namely a septal deviation. It is a common disease that affects every second person in our country. Thanks to developing medical science and technology, nose surgeries are no longer alarming. Now there are patients who are more inquiring and more aware, who know what they want and what to do after the operation. Our country is among the top countries in the world where nose operations are performed.

Rhinoplasty Turkey Istanbul - Cost - Nose Job Turkey
Rhinoplasty Turkey Istanbul – Cost – Nose Job Turkey


Closed Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Turkey

Closed rhinoplasty in Turkey is very popular lately. Many of the advantages of this surgery over others are attractive to people. Some procedures, such as incisions, are performed with the nose job closed. This way, the person will not leave any stab marks after the operation. The healing process is also faster after this operation.

After this 2-3 hour operation, the person’s soft tissue is not damaged. Although the things to do with normal nasal aesthetics and recovery time are roughly the same, a faster process can be experienced with closed aesthetics.

Rhinoplasty with Hyaluronic Acid Turkey – Istanbul

In general, those who want to be physically similar to popular people in society refer to that person by doing plastic surgery. Since the nose is one of the most important points in facial aesthetics, these requirements are also common in nose operations. The doctor’s attitude towards these inquiries should be to determine whether the patient really needs this aesthetic and, if necessary, to discourage the patient from this operation. However, a nose job is done when there is a situation that aesthetically affects the person’s appearance or prevents them from feeling good.

What should you do after a nose job in Turkey?

For those who are thinking about what to do after the rhinoplasty, the person should not touch the nasal area too hard and rest. It is recommended that the person avoid wearing glasses during the healing process. In addition, the nasal area should not be exposed to too much sunlight after the operation. Smoking has a negative effect on the recovery phase of the nose. If you stop smoking for 1-2 weeks, you can recover healthier and faster.
Doctors sometimes prescribe medication and a cleansing spray for problems such as swelling. Regular use of these drugs and sprays is also important during recovery. Attention should be paid to the use of mimetics after surgery. It’s important not to use too many facial muscles. You shouldn’t laugh too much or move your nose.

Non-Surgical Nose Job in Turkey

The postoperative start time depends on the technique of the operation being performed, the patient’s potential for recovery, the work being done by the patient and the environment in which he lives. If the patients who work at a desk do not care about the appearance of the splints in their nose, they can start work on the fourth day. For very active people, it is recommended to start work between 7 and 10 days.
Smoking negatively affects the healing process. It is necessary to take into account some external factors in the treatment process. It should be protected from sunlight for 3 months. Since no incision is made after closed rhinoplasty, no additional protection against sunlight needs to be provided, but this should not be forgotten. Sun protection is always important to prevent premature aging. Certain periods of swimming, running, and similar activities are limited depending on the procedure and technique.

It is recommended that you seek additional information from your doctor about the use of contact lenses and glasses and for Non-Surgical Nose Job in Turkey.

Duration of treatment: 1-2 days inpatient
Total stay in Turkey: 5-7 Days
Anesthesia: General anesthetic
Duration of the operation: about 2-3 hours
Sports: after approx. 4-6 weeks
Ability to work: after approx. 2 weeks
Final Result after approx. 6 months

Rhinoplasty Turkey (nose job) before after pictures & results


Rhinoplasty Turkey (nose job) before after pictures & results
Rhinoplasty Turkey (nose job) before after pictures & results


Rhinoplasty Turkey (nose job) before after pictures & results
Rhinoplasty Turkey (nose job) before after pictures & results


What is done before the nose operation?

You should have a preliminary talk with the doctor who will perform your surgery and determine if you are suitable for the surgery. You should inform your doctor about all your inquiries and complaints without skipping this. If you have difficulty breathing, runny nose, post-nasal drip, etc., you should first determine your symptoms and then inform your doctor. If you state so, it is a prediction of how your doctor will follow. You should talk to your doctor about what you expect as a result of the operation, whether your expectations match your face, whether they are an obstacle to your health, etc. This phase is very important so that you do not experience any disappointment afterwards. Sometimes it is very easy for patients to work that they believe will require very major surgery, while problems that they see as very simple may require major surgery.

There are a few things to look out for before nose job:

  • Blood thinners, vitamin pills, slimming pills, etc. should be discontinued ten days in advance.
  • Herbal teas should be discontinued a week beforehand as this increases the risk of bleeding. (You can consume black tea)
  • You should not consume some foods that have aspirin-like effects.
  • Things that interfere with your recovery, such as smoking and alcohol, should be stopped before ten days.
  • If you suffer from illnesses such as the flu, you must inform your doctor.
  • You will have an operation in the summer; you should protect your face from sunlight.
  • If you have nail polish or nail polish, you should remove it the day before.

What should be done after the nose job in Turkey?

In fact, the most feared part of nose surgery in Istanbul is after nose surgery. Because, in general, tampons placed after nose surgery have caused a very difficult and painful process in the past. However, tampons are no longer used in aesthetic or functional nasal operations of the new generation, but silicone films are used when necessary. These plates do not create pain or pressure and do not completely fill the nostrils. Since it does not completely fill the nostrils, does not close the air holes and does not impede your comfortable breathing, thanks to its silicone structure it does not adhere to the mucous membrane and does not cause pain when removed.

After surgery, swelling and bruising may occur due to substances excreted from the tissues, and bruising may be more intense in people with light skin color. Although the healing process varies depending on the content of the surgical procedures, swelling and bruising increase in the first few days and then go away completely within a week.
Thanks to the latest technology in use today, it is very comfortable after a nose operation.

It is necessary to spend the day after the rhinoplasty in the hospital so that aftercare, cold applications, and medication can be carried out quickly. If silicone plates are placed during nasal surgery, they will be removed as part of the normal process during controls two or three days after the operation. If the bandage is used in nasal surgeries that treat the bones, the nose is removed on the third to fifth day of the operation. Even if stitches are made inside or outside during the operation, it remains for seven days.

Frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty (nose job) Turkey


  • 1. How much does a nose job (rhinoplasty) cost in Turkey?

    The prices for nose job (rhinoplasty) Turkey vary from doctor to doctor, from hospital to hospital. In addition, prices vary depending on the operation on the nose. The average cost for nose job in Turkey can be between 1500 euros and 3000 euros. The plastic surgeries to be performed for problems like snoring can be determined as 2000-3000 euros.

    While rhinoplasty is not a difficult operation, choosing a doctor is extremely, very important. For this reason, preference should be given to reliable and well-known doctors or aesthetic centers without dispelling the cheap side of the job. In some cases it is beneficial to choose with a good research as the surgeries are irreversible.


  • 2. Who Can Have Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey?

    Rhinoplasty can be done after the person has reached the end of their developmental age. The nose must take its final shape and therefore development must be completed. In addition, the psychological aspect of this development is examined by experienced and experienced doctors.


  • 3. How long does it take to heal after a nose job (rhinoplasty Turkey)?

    The answer to the question of how long the rhinoplasty (nose surgery Turkey) will heal is an average of 3 or 6 months. The patient, who was discharged one day after surgery, has bruises around the eyes for about 4 to 5 days. Bruises are temporary and extremely possible. After 1 week, the splints are removed as the nasal bone is close to healing. Since the first 10 days are important, going to work can be problematic. Because of this, the person needs to be rested.

    It is quite normal to have pain around your nose for the first few days. Although severe and persistent pain is unlikely to occur, a doctor should be consulted in such a situation. Although problems such as pain and swelling end towards the end of a month, the swelling at the tip of the nose may persist for a while.


  • 4. How is nose surgery (rhinoplasty) performed in Turkey – Istanbul?

    Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. It must be performed in the operating room under hospital conditions with suitable equipment. Operations are performed using closed or open technology. The process takes between 1-3 hours.


  • 5. What should be considered after a nose job Turkey?

    Things to consider after nose job in Turkey can be listed as follows:

    1. Although the first 24 hours are more intense, it should be applied cold to the eyes for a few days.
    2. Cold application should not be in direct contact with the skin, it should be placed completely with a cloth,
    3. Avoid too many facial expressions for the first few weeks.
    4. You should consult your doctor on the day we need to shower after the operation.
    5. If there is a bandage, excessive moisture and sweating should be avoided.
    6. Sleep in a cool environment for the first three days after surgery. The head should be kept higher than the body.
    7. The first three days should be rested,
    8. You should sleep with your head high until the percentage of edema goes away.
    9. The skin dressing should be carefully cleaned with cleansing lotions before it gets wet.
    10. Glasses should not be used for about two months.
    11. It is necessary to be protected from sunlight for 3/6 months.
    12. Heavy operations that require exertion, heavy sports should not be done for a month.

Duration and type of nose job in Istanbul, Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul varies depending on the type of procedure performed and the type of anesthesia. An average surgery without a curved septal or other problems takes 2 to 2.5 hours. Basically there are two reasons for nose surgery. Aesthetic or functional impairments


The septum that divides the nose in two can be curved or crooked. This curvature of the bone or cartilage structure can block the nose. Because of this, you can breathe from one side of your nose. The patient cannot breathe properly, one side of the nose remains congested, an opening of the mouth appears during sleep, and there is difficulty falling asleep. A septum deviation can lead to sleep apnea and excessive snoring. Although surgery is not required for any nasal congestion, your doctor will determine whether the situation warrants surgery.

Concha hypertrophy (nasal meat growth)

It is the growth of the lower nasal flesh. It can pose very challenging problems at night. There may be problems breathing and breathing. The inferior turbinate, which occupies a very important place in the nasal functions, is reduced by an operation. But it is not completely taken. If one side of the nose has a curve, there may be growth in the lower nasal passageway in the broad symphysis.

In nasal surgery treatment:

  • Surgical downsizing
  • Downsizing with
  • Microdebrider
  • Cautery
  • Laser reduction can be used.

Information on aesthetic nose surgery

Primary rhinoplasty:

It is one of the most common nose surgeries performed. It is an operation that is done to resolve problems with the shape of the nose. During this operation, the nasal arch is removed, the protrusion shortened and the cartilage reduced.

Complicated rhinoplasty:

It is the second or third surgery performed on people who have previously had a nose operation. It may take longer than the first time.


It is the tip correction surgery. The procedure is only carried out on the cartilage.


This is the name for the operation that is performed to eliminate breathing problems while aesthetically correcting the nose.

Nose Job Turkey Questions And Answers That You Should Know About

Are the degrees of difficulty of aesthetic nose surgery different?

It varies based on people’s nasal structure and the problem in the nose.

Are there different techniques for the operation?

There are many surgical techniques. It is applied by choosing the most appropriate technique for the patient from among such techniques as the open technique, the closed technique, and the delivery technique.

Is there an age limit for aesthetic nose surgery?

This is not recommended before the age of 18 as the bone structure is not yet fully established. However, it is not recommended as healing problems arise at a very advanced age.

Which season is better for nasal surgery?

The summer season can be challenging for those who are used to wearing glasses as they are not exposed to a lot of sunlight and during the summer. If you can protect yourself from these threats in the summer, then any season is suitable.

When can I work after the operation?

The answer to this question depends on the work you have done. If you work at a desk and have little contact with people, you can return to 3-4 days.

If I show a photo of a person I like, can it be taken?

The photo you showed is good for better explaining your ideas to your doctor, but this may not be exactly what can be done. It is also important that the nose structure in the photo you have already shown is suitable for your face.

Why is aesthetic nose surgery difficult?

People’s nasal structure and anatomy are different. Due to the different aesthetic expectations of people, it is necessary to go step by step taking them into account.

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