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Forehead Lift in Turkey – Cost

Forehead lift Turkey is particularly preferred by people of advanced age. After a certain age, due to the use of mimetics, mainly appear on our forehead lift Turkey. Our eyes and eyebrows are at the center of our facial expressions, so the forehead is one of the areas most affected by facial expressions. Those who want the upper part of the face to look more beautiful and younger should dig into their eyelids first. If the person’s forehead area is limp, the forehead skin is stretched and the eyebrows raised. After this procedure, a lot of the skin is removed and in most cases even a forehead lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey on the upper eyelid is not necessary.

As a result of aging, the skin of the forehead begins to loosen and sag over time, and the existing lines on the forehead deepen and become wrinkled. This image is particularly rejected by women and perceived as unpleasant. Unhealthy diet, irregular lifestyle, smoking, gestures and air pollution all encourage the formation of this aesthetically poor image.

Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher
Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher


Forehead lift Surgery in Istanbul Turkey

Forehead lift in Turkey is preferred by people who do not like their forehead aesthetically. Two different methods are used in surgery. These;

  1. Classic forehead lifting operation
  2. Endoscopic forehead lift surgery

In the classic forehead lift  in Turkey, the forehead skin is removed with an incision from an area within the scalp between the two temples. The muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and pull the eyebrows down are destroyed in this way, the forehead skin is freed from the upper arch of the eye socket. Endoscopic forehead lift is usually used in the early stages. Good results are obtained in patients over the age of 30 whose eyebrows are at the level of the upper bony arch of the eye socket. Since some areas of skin have to be removed from the forehead skin, a classic operation is preferred. The surgery usually takes 2-3 hours and general anesthesia is performed.

The patient’s preferred method is determined during the examination and the patient must be aware of this decision before surgery.

Before the forehead lift operation, the forms with the techniques and a lot of information about the operation are given and signed.

The process of healing after a forehead lift in Turkey

The healing process after a forehead lift in Turkey is not such that the patient is forced. 3 to 4 days after surgery, the patient will develop significant swelling and bruising, but these will not be enough to affect the person’s daily life. It is also quite normal to have pain after surgery, but if pain medication is used routinely, it may be possible to reduce the pain. If the doctor’s control process is observed, after 3 days the patient can start exercising and return to work. Of course, in this process, just like pricing, it can vary based on the age, lifestyle and body of the person.

Forehead lift in Turkey before after pictures & results


Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher
Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher


Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher
Stirnlifting Türkei – Stirnlifting Kosten & Vorher Nachher


Frequently asked questions about forehead lift Turkey


  • 1. How much does a forehead lift cost in Turkey – Istanbul?

    The cost of forehead lift Turkey varies depending on the hospital and the doctor’s expertise and experience. Since it is an important operation, it should be performed by experienced and specialized doctors.

    It is not correct to give a clear prices for forehead lift Turkey as it varies depending on the location. After the medical examination, the method to be used and the price will be determined accordingly.


  • 2. What are the risks and after-effects of a forehead lift in Turkey?

    Risks and after-effects of a forehead lift in Turkey. It is one of the patient’s most puzzled subjects. However, it is not a risky operation, it has no harm to health and no side effects. The patient has the desired appearance after 2-3 hours of operation.


  • 3. Can the forehead lift in Turkey be performed without surgery?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer the question of whether a forehead lift is carried out without surgery. In other words, the results to be achieved in the operation cannot be obtained, otherwise the filling method can be tried.

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