Breast Lift Turkey Istanbul – Costs Before After

Breast Lift Turkey Istanbul – Costs

General reasons for breast lift Turkey surgeries are pregnancy, aging, genetic problems and breastfeeding. In general, genetic surgery is aesthetic surgery that is done because people want a more aesthetic breast. In these breast lift surgery in Istanbul, the upright procedure is applied as per the request of the person. Although it is generally performed by middle-aged people, it is a procedure performed by young people.

Breast lift surgery in Turkey is performed on women who are over 18 years old and whose breasts are so slack that an aesthetic procedure can be used. If the slacks are not of a serious size, no surgical intervention should be performed. Scars may appear after surgery and some risks may arise.

Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher
Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher

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More information about breast lifts in Turkey

Various examinations are carried out before the breast lift. After determining the suitability of the person for the surgical procedure, a calculation is made of how much the sagging is reduced and how much the chest is lifted with various measurements. This operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, can run for around 2 to 4 hours. The duration can decrease or increase depending on the application to the person.

Breast lift with implant Turkey results

You will get perfect results after the breast lift with implant. Breast lift in Turkey removes excess tissue from the person. Then the person is slightly enlarged with their own tissues to be more upright and full. If there isn’t enough tissue for this process, supplements like silicone or oil can be found.

Duration of treatment: 1-2 days inpatient
Total stay in Turkey: 10-12 Days
Anesthesia: General anesthetic
Duration of the operation: about 2-3 hours
Sports: after approx. 2 Months
Ability to work: after approx. 2-3 weeks
Final Result after approx. 6 months

Breast Lift Turkey Before After Pictures & Results


Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher
Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher


Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher
Bruststraffung Türkei Istanbul – Bruststraffung Kosten Vorher Nachher


Frequently asked questions about breast lift Turkey


  • 1. What does a breast lift cost in Turkey?

    If you are wondering what does a breast lift surgery Turkey – Istanbul cost, you can easily find the answers here. The cost of breast lift in Istanbul varies depending on the hospital and doctor. Other factors that affect the cost of breast lift surgery turkey are also related to the person who will perform the surgery.

    Conditions such as health, age, weight and sagging of the chest can be counted for these factors. For this reason, an average price may not be able to be determined. With the doctor’s examination, a price can be charged to the person who wants to undergo surgery.

    The hospital and doctor should be carefully selected based on the potential risks and health conditions. When choosing, it is important to ensure that it is a reliable and recognized doctor, not the cheapest. For this reason, a good research result should be decided.


  • 2. What are the risks of breast lift surgery Turkey – Istanbul?

    When you think about the risks of breast lift surgery Turkey – Istanbul, not many serious risks of this breast lift surgery are known. Problems such as wound healing late can occur in the person. Although the scars from surgery vary from person to person, there are scars that can be considered obvious. If not handled carefully, problems such as infections and sutures can arise. For this reason, the recovery period is important.

    If the chest is too slack, nipple-related issues can arise. This surgery is not a permanent surgery. It is quite normal for the breast to sag naturally due to age or in cases like breastfeeding. Since the milk ducts are not affected during surgery, problems such as breastfeeding are unlikely to occur.


  • 3. What to do after a breast lift operation in Istanbul?

    The question of what to do after a breast lift in Turkey may remain open after the person has been monitored and discharged for a day. It is possible to have pain for the first 1 or 2 days. Later there is no or almost no pain. Problems such as bruising and swelling around the chest can be observed for about 1-2 weeks. In some cases, drains are attached to the person. These drains are also removed in 3-4.

    After breast lift surgery in Istanbul, the person should not move the chest muscles too much. It is necessary to stay away from activities such as exercising and lifting heavy things. In addition, since smoking is a condition that affects breast healing, it is necessary not to smoke for a while. It takes about 3-6 months for the breast to take on its full shape.

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