Dental Implant Turkey & Teeth Implants & Cost

Dental Implant Turkey & Teeth Implants

Dental implant turkey is called the treatment of missing teeth. It is inserted into the jawbone with titanium screws. The teeth produced in this way do not damage other teeth in the other mouth. Dental implants Turkey can be done for anyone over the age of 18. The tooth and jaw structure must be completely seated.

How long do dental implants last in Turkey?

Very simple operations don’t take long. During the healing process, the person will not encounter many problems as long as they apply what the doctor says correctly and regularly. In possible situations, the doctor can sometimes request checks.

Can dental implants cause allergies?

People have concerns about whether or not a dental implant will cause allergies. Implant materials do not cause problems such as side effects or allergies. However, dental implants are also done by conducting allergy tests beforehand against possible possibilities. However, one point to consider is the implant material to be used.

Some different brands of implants are not safe or healthy. For this reason, choosing a well-known and reliable brand is important for health. At the same time, there is no caries from implant teeth.

Dental Implant Turkey & Teeth Implants & Cost
Dental Implant Turkey & Teeth Implants & Cost


Our dental implant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey

Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey

How is a Dental Implant Turkey Inserted?

For those who are thinking about how to use dental implants in Turkey, the first thing that should be done is check the jaw structure by the doctor to understand that it is suitable for the dental implant. Based on the x-rays, the doctor will indicate the suitability of the person for this procedure. The procedure should then begin with sedation of the dental implant. The teeth and jawbones are measured.

For the two-step procedure, a dental implant is placed first. These implants are later covered with the gums. As a result of the procedure, the teeth remain healed. In the one-step procedure, temporary heads are placed on the teeth after the implant. The bridge is temporarily attached using either method. In general, the procedures used for the mandible improve towards the end of 3 months. Since the upper jaw is more difficult to heal, this period can be doubled by 6 months.

Frequently asked questions about dental implants Turkey


  • 1. What does a dental implant cost in Turkey – Istanbul?

    The cost of dental implant in Turkey varies for several reasons. Factors such as implant brands, the hospital where the implant is made, and the doctor who performs the procedure all lead to price changes. The number of dental implants to be made determines the cost of these surgical interventions. Implantation procedures are performed using various techniques. The application of these techniques depends on the structure of the mouth and teeth and the state of health of the patient.

    On average, dental implants in Turkey cost € 200 – € 750:

    IMPLANT 200 €

    It is necessary to seek a suitable doctor for the mouth and teeth, which are of great importance for health. Otherwise problems will arise later during the operations with poor quality implant materials. That is why we invite you to our clinic. So that you will be satisfied with our experienced doctors.


  • 2. Will there be pain when placing dental implants?

    No pain or pain is felt during the implantation procedure, which is carried out according to today’s technological conditions. There are no pain problems during or after the procedure. The implant, one of the most widely used dental treatment methods, is widely used by doctors. Because of this, doctors have developed their own unique and simple methods. Before starting the treatment process, it is checked whether the patient has any diseases such as heart, diabetes, kidney, and the process is started by taking precautions in these directions. After the procedure, a cold compress is applied to this area outside the chin. In addition, the patient is given painkillers and antibiotics after the procedure. In addition, special drugs are used to prevent edema in the treated area.


  • 3. How long will you have pain after a dental implant?

    The thought of whether dental implants hurt is posed by people who have problems with their teeth. During the operation, cutting the gums and then stitching them scares people. Although it is almost impossible to feel pain thanks to the numbing process performed during dental implant surgery, it is possible to feel very small and tolerable pain.

    After the implantation procedures are over, the drug will wear off. Because of this, due to the procedures performed, it is extremely natural to have little pain in your jaw, cheek, and gums for the first few days. The dental implant, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes, doesn’t hurt. Pain that occurs during the recovery period is also extremely possible and it certainly does not affect your normal life as excruciating pain. The person can eat and laugh normally.


  • 4. Can Dental Implant Be Applied To Everyone?

    For implant tooth application, the jawbones must be suitable for this procedure. If it is not suitable, it must be made suitable. Although it can generally be adapted to any jaw structure, there are people with special conditions. Some people cannot be implanted because of bone disease, jaw problems, gum bottoms, or genetic problems in the patient.
    There is no determination of the maximum age for the implantation procedure. However, it should not be used in people who have not yet completed bone development. It can be used at any age you want after bone development is complete. The fact that the person is 80 or 90 years old is not an obstacle to this procedure. The structure of the mouth and jaw is important.
    The most important point here is whether it can be used in patients with bone resorption. Bone tissue is very important in implant treatment. Problems in bone tissue can be solved thanks to the evolving treatment techniques. The treatments described here are generally used to thicken bone tissue in the area where bone thinning occurs. Bones are thickened with the bone graft method.


  • 5. What are the dental implants in Istanbul?

    It is a method that can be used on any tooth in the mouth. There is no distinction as with molars or incisors. It is suitable for any tooth that can be used as a tooth root. In addition, it can be used on individual teeth or completely in the mouth.


  • 6. How long is a dental implant ready?

    The application times can be longer and shorter depending on the number of teeth. Thanks to the developing technologies, it is ready in a very short time. In general, the implant, ie the artificial root, is expected to fuse for a minimum of 7 weeks and a maximum of 3 months after insertion into the jawbone. Pressure on the implant tooth should be avoided during the fusion period. The upper part is not made until the applied artificial root has completely healed. The other parts of the tooth are also made on the fused root and the necessary process for one tooth is complete. This process takes a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.


  • 7. What should be considered after a dental implant in Turkey?

    After the implant treatment, oral care becomes a very important point. More attention should be paid to the consumption of harmful foods and beverages. In order not to damage the titanium material, care should be taken not to consume excessive heat or cold, especially in the first few periods of use. Tobacco products should not be consumed. Smoking and alcohol consumption cause inflammation through the formation of bacterial plaques. In addition, it slows the healing of stitches and wounds and extends healing times. In this way, however, the life of the implant can be long, otherwise problems can arise in a short time.


  • 8. What is the all-on-four method for dental implants?

    This method is a treatment method in which 4 implants are provided with a fixed prosthesis. It is used differently in the lower and upper jaw. In the upper jaw, one implant is placed on both the right and left sides at an angle from the anterior sinus wall, and two implants are placed under the nose. The process is completed by placing a fixed prosthesis on these four artificial roots.
    The situation is slightly different in the lower jaw. There is a nerve in the lower jaw up to the lip between the bones. When this nerve is damaged in any way, the lip is numb. For this reason, one implant is placed on the two angled sides of this nerve on the right and left and two implants on the front. These four artificial roots are fixed by placing prosthetic teeth.
    With this concept, the prosthesis is manufactured on the same day. Nowadays, patients don’t want to wait months for a tooth. Lack of teeth, which can cause problems with vision and self-confidence, is corrected on the same day. Temporary prostheses, so-called hybrid prostheses, are applied to the patient on the day of the surgical procedure. These prostheses stay in the mouth for 3 months. Permanent prostheses are prepared and fixed later. Permanent dentures are made of more durable and heavier material. They are made of durable materials such as titanium, titanium porcelain.


  • 9. What is the Fast Fixed Technique in Dental Implant Treatment?

    It is a technique used when there is a lack of bone in the back of the mouth. With the Fast-Fixed-Method it is possible to fix the prosthesis without surgical intervention with obliquely arranged implants. This method is also completed on the same day, similar to the all-on-four method.

Important Things About Dental Implants Turkey


Oral and dental health problems; It causes people to have difficulties in daily life. Tooth loss occurs due to reasons such as tooth decay and gum problems. Bridge or prosthesis solutions are offered to people who have suffered from tooth loss for many years. However, these solutions sometimes cause bigger problems for people. In particular, if the prostheses are not made in the right size and equipment, this reduces the quality of life. Situations like weight loss, increased mouth sores are very common and cause anxiety. The dental implant method, which is developed and used in addition to these treatment methods, offers users comfort in every respect.

When a tooth is extracted after tooth decay, a void appears in this area. If this gap is not treated with artificial root at the time of this gap, the other teeth will spread towards the empty area and narrow the gap there. This narrowing then requires special work in this area during the implant tooth application. In addition, some people may not be able to process due to this narrowing. Apart from that, melting occurs in the bones in the empty area. For this reason, if a tooth loss occurs, an implant should be used without wasting time visiting the doctor.

What is a dental implant?


Dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey are actually root replacement teeth. They are artificial roots that are prepared for the application of dentures or permanent teeth. These roots prepare the placement of denture teeth in the mouth. These are titanium screws that are inserted into the jaw. They are applied through surgical methods and by medical specialists. It is used on people who are under general or local anesthesia. Before completing the procedure, the doctor creates a program. Then titanium screws are placed on the jaw and the process started. These implants should be completely fused to the jawbone. After the fusion, new teeth are placed. Thanks to these teeth placed in the jaw, a natural look is achieved. To maintain this appearance, the doctor can apply appropriate applications to their own tooth colors in the mouth.

Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Implant Clinik in Istanbul, Turkey

How is the dental implant in Turkey applied?


The general health of the patient should be assessed prior to performing any dental implant exams. For this purpose, the necessary tests for health screening are first applied to the patient. Because the current state of health affects the implantation process. According to the test results, when the patient is eligible, intraoral scans are started. It is decided where and how the implant will be performed with an intraoral X-ray and examination process. When the patient gives their consent, the procedures begin. In the applicable area; The amount of bone and soft tissue condition affects the treatment to be used. Before the procedure begins, the patient is anesthetized using an anesthetic method.

When the procedure begins, the soft tissue is opened, the area in the jaw where the implant will be placed is prepared, and the implant is placed in the bone and covered. At this point, in some cases a seamless implant is sutured and in some cases a seamless implant is applied. Then the upper part of the prosthesis is prepared. You have to wait about 3 months before putting on the denture tooth. The upper part of the artificial root is then measured and sent to the laboratory by the doctor. Prosthetic teeth prepared with measurements are applied to the root after the necessary samples have been taken and prepared.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants In Turkey


The dental implants Turkey offer many benefits to the person it is applied to. These benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Implants look like natural teeth so you feel like your own teeth. They are permanent teeth because they are made by fusing with the jawbone. There is no question of deafness. This situation not only creates a natural tooth appearance, but also a natural tooth feel.
  • If dentures are not suitable for the mouth, they cause speech disorders. However, this method cannot be used to make pronunciation mistakes. So you can speak comfortably without any worries.
  • Roots in the jaw fill in the root gaps caused by lost teeth. This prevents the bad picture in the mouth.
  • When using dentures, regardless of the product to which they are attached, slipping occurs. In particular, slipping while eating causes an aversion to food. However, with implants, you can eat indifferently from your real teeth. You won’t feel any pain or loss of taste. In addition, there is no question of biting and plucking problems.
  • Achieving healthy teeth prevents people from having self-confidence problems. There are people who are afraid to speak or laugh because of their teeth.
  • Changes are made to the posterior teeth during bridging. However, no procedures such as reducing other teeth are used in the implantation process. Because of this, you can use it for many years without your own teeth deteriorating. Since they do not adhere to other teeth, they do not cause any problems, especially with mouth cleaning and access between teeth.
  • Dental implants in Turkey can be used for a long time as long as they are in proper conditions of care and use.
  • There is no constant insertion and removal required as with dentures.
  • Teeth are very important structures not only for appearance, but also for our oral health. With the implant dental technology not only the visuality is gained. Thanks to the artificial roots, they are very beneficial as the teeth are more robust and have more feeling. Nutrition is an indispensable necessity of life for every individual. With the artificial root canal treatment, nutrition does not become a torture.

Technological advances in the implant tooth method


The inside of the mouth, where the digestive and immune systems begin, also shows the symptoms of deterioration in our general health. This is so important that the intraoral order must be preserved. Implant treatment methods lasted a long time when they were first used. It was necessary to wait for the procedure after the teeth were extracted and to wait for the prosthesis after the procedure. However, according to the research and development of technology, there is no need to wait after tooth extraction. Thanks to the material used and the development technology, the implant tooth application can be used for many years. In other words, it takes at least 10 years to understand if an implant product is good or bad quality.

With the all on four method, which is one of the leading technological developments, the treatments are carried out entirely on the same day.