Boob Job Turkey – Breast Augmentation & Enlargement & Implants

Boob Job Turkey – Breast Augmentation & Enlargement & Implants Cost

Nowadays most women want bigger breasts. Some of them want this to look nicer. But there are many purposes for boob job in Turkey. We offer high quality breast enlargement services in Turkey. Having beautiful and shaped breasts is undoubtedly something that many women want. Because of this, many women today prefer breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation turkey is generally a surgery performed by women to get rid of aesthetic fears. Although breast augmentation surgeries are mostly done in cases where one breast is smaller than the other, there are quite a few people who have both breasts treated. People also have breast augmentation procedures after cancer treatment.

Before the boob job in Turkey, the person tells the surgeon what type of picture and size they would like to have. The doctor will prepare the materials accordingly and slowly begin the surgical procedures.

It can be used from the person’s own adipose tissue and stem cells for the implant for use in surgery. It can also benefit from implants like salt water or silicone. Each technique used is calculated in different ways.

Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten
Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten


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How are the implants used for breast surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

There are two types of silicone prostheses: teardrop-shaped (anatomical) and round. The suitability of the prosthesis depends on the breast structure, the size, the shoulder-trunk relationship, the breast skin, the wishes of the patient and the situation considered appropriate by the surgeon. The outer wall of breast implants consists of a silicone sleeve. They are products with silicone gel inside. The walls are rough or smooth. It has different dimensions in terms of volume, base diameter and height.

Breast augmentation surgery with FDA-cleared, state-of-the-art prostheses is very unlikely to experience health problems. Studies have not found a relationship between silicone prostheses and breast cancer. Breast prostheses have been used for many years. They only need to be changed if there is a problem.

Is the Boob Job in Turkey permanent?

The clear answer to the question of whether the silicone breast implants in Turkey are permanent is no. The average lifespan of silicones used in breast augmentation is around 10 years. Breast size can vary in situations such as weight gain and weight loss. Silicone breasts are not permanent as they cannot be guaranteed as changes in appearance and size are possible as you age.

The lifespan of the silicone breast can also vary depending on the material used and whether or not the person is paying attention. If you are careful during the healing process after breast augmentation, it will also affect the silicone breast usage time. Because of this, it is not possible to have a permanent silicone breast, although the person’s self-sacrifice affects the long-term durability of the silicone.

Can people who have had breast augmentation surgery in Turkey, Istanbul breastfeed?

This question is one of the most common questions for women. Because of this, many young women who are not mothers are afraid of breast augmentation. However, research has shown that the prosthesis used does not prevent breastfeeding.

How is breast augmentation performed in Turkey?

The boob job in Turkey takes about 1-2 hours. The patient is discharged after staying in the hospital the same day or overnight.

Breast Implants in Turkey are placed in three methods depending on where they are placed in the chest, under the muscle (pectoralis major muscle), over the muscle, or both under the muscle and over the muscle (dual plan).

The breast implants are most often placed on the underbust crease, less often around the nipple, armpit or stomach area.

A very slight sagging of the breast is also eliminated during breast augmentation surgery in Turkey. However, it is useful to include breast lift surgery for both moderate and advanced sagging.

Duration of treatment: 1-2 days
Total stay in Turkey: 10-12 Days
Anesthesia: General anesthetic
Duration of the operation approx. 2 hours
Sport: after approx. 2 months
Ability to work: after 1-2 weeks
End Result after approx. 6 months

Boob Job Turkey before after pictures & results


Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten
Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten


Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten
Brustvergrößerung Türkei – İstanbul – Brust Op Kosten


Frequently asked questions about breast enlargement Turkey


  • 1. How much does boob job (breast augmentation) cost in Turkey?

    The prices for breast augmentation – boob job in Turkey vary considerably. This non-permanent process changes the price range based on how much silicon the person will be using. Breast augmentation varies depending on the doctor and the hospital treating you. Before the breast augmentation, the person is examined and the amount of silicone to be introduced is calculated. Then the prices are determined.

    With breast surgery, the person usually has to pay for all of the surgery costs as they are undergoing an aesthetic procedure. In some cases, some of the breast augmentation surgeries of women who have had their breasts removed due to diseases such as cancer may be covered by the state.


  • 2. What are the risks of boob job in Turkey?

    Surgical bleeding and infection are rare but can be seen. Some patients may have decreased or increased sensory changes in the nipples. This situation is usually temporary.

    Against the protein, the body produces a membrane-like substance called a capsule. This membrane does not cause any problems if it is thin. However, this capsule can reach medium and advanced sizes in some patients. In this case, secondary surgery may be required.

    The possibility of a prosthesis fracture is only possible in cases of severe chest trauma such as a traffic accident in the vehicle, a fall from a height and injuries to the cutting tool.

    Breast aesthetics is the name given to procedures such as filling, lifting or reducing by shaping women’s breasts. These procedures are performed by specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Most women are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts. For this reason, breast aesthetics belong to the most preferred aesthetic group. Breast augmentation prices, which are widespread around the world, vary. The prices for breast aesthetics 2020 vary depending on the procedure to be used.


  • 3. What points need to be considered in the postoperative phase?

    It is possible to experience pain in the first 2 days that is a little too much for prostheses placed under the muscle to be reduced with pain relievers given in prosthetic surgery. Swelling and bruising can be seen in and around the chest area. They usually go away within 2 weeks. However, it takes anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for the breast swelling to go down completely and for the breast to take its final shape.

    If the person does not do very heavy work in the postoperative period, they will return to work and normal life after 3 days. It is recommended that you avoid heavy exercise and lifting loads for about a month.


  • 4. How long should you take it easy after breast augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey?

    It is natural to experience pain during the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery. After using the drugs prescribed by the doctor for 2-3 days, the severe pain subsides. There will be swelling and bruising around the chest for the first few weeks. It’s not a side effect as it is a possible condition. If you don’t touch too much during these periods, the healing process will be prolonged.

    People who have had breast augmentation surgery should avoid heavy lifting and movement for about 1 month. Any movement that tires the chest muscles should be avoided. It may take a while for the breast swelling to completely go away and take the shape of the breast. Although this time period varies from person to person, the breast surgery takes on an average of 6 months to 1 year to fully take shape.


  • 5. Does Doctor’s Choice Influence Breast Augmentation in Turkey Prices?

    Aesthetic surgeries must be performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons. If you want to be happy as a result of the aesthetic surgery and you want the result of the surgery to be permanent for a long time, you should make sure that this surgery is performed by experts. The choice of doctor is very important in breast aesthetics. It is very important that your doctor is competent and equipped in this area.


  • 6. What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    If you think about the risks of breast augmentation surgery, the chances of breastfeeding can drop to 0 if the person is mainly having a baby. Milk ducts can be damaged during surgery. The real skin feel may not be felt in the breast tissue, it is possible to feel hardness. The implants placed in the breast can experience conditions such as aging and tearing over time.

    Scars can remain after the operation. In general, there may be a temporary loss of sensation in and around the chest. In some cases, this loss of feeling can become a permanent condition. These operations have few known risks. In an opposite situation, it is important that the person consults the doctor who operated on them and takes the necessary measures.

More informations for Boob Job in Turkey

The breast is of great importance for the female physique. Basically, the breast can be a symbol of beauty for women, even if it does the job of nursing the babies of people who are mothers. Therefore, people who are not satisfied with their breasts undergo breast augmentation surgery to correct this deficiency.

This surgery is performed by injecting silicone implants into the breast with the help of an injection. There is no deformation or bursting of silicone used in breast augmentation surgery except for external factors such as traffic accidents or stab wounds. Because although silicone is not a dispersible substance, its outer surface is quite solid. Silicones can be removed if desired. In fact, most patients want to remove the old silicone and replace it with larger silicone.

When is breast enlargement surgery performed?
  1. Women with small breasts will have breast augmentation because they feel uncomfortable in this situation.
  2. People with unequal hip-to-breast ratios prefer this surgery.
  3. If pregnant women gain and lose weight rapidly after giving birth, the breasts may sag. Women who are uncomfortable in this situation will have breast augmentation surgery.
  4. Some women have a mismatch between their two breasts. People who are uncomfortable in this situation can have surgery on their small breast.
  5. It is performed to reconstruct the breast in case of breast loss caused by some diseases.
  6. If there are problems with old breast implants, another breast augmentation operation will be performed.
What are the types of breast enlargement prostheses?

Women undergo breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Breast prostheses used in these operations are divided into several types. These:

  1. Types of prostheses in terms of shape
  2. Round prosthesis: the diameters of the vertical and horizontal bases of these prostheses are the same.
  3. Drop prosthesis: Although the vertical diameters of these prostheses are longer than the horizontal diameters, the lower pole is larger than the upper pole in terms of height.

Interior prostheses

  1. Contains silicone: The substance in the implant is silicone gel.
  2. Contains physiological saline solution: The silicone cover contains physiological saline solution.
  3. Prostheses in terms of surface structure
  4. Rough surface: In the case of prostheses with a rough surface, the surrounding capsule is smaller.
  5. Flat surface: The capsule that forms around the prosthesis on these surfaces is larger.
How is breast augmentation in Turkey performed?

The patient who is about to have breast augmentation is first examined by a specialist. If there is no problem for the operation, the decision about the operation will be made. After this stage, the appropriate breast size for the patient is selected.

The important factors here are; Shoulder width, sag rate, height and chest width of the patient. After considering these factors, the desired volume and length are determined and the decision about the operation is made. During breast augmentation surgery, incisions may be made in the armpit, around the nipple, abdomen, and under the breast. Thanks to these incisions, an area is created for the surgery on the breast. These incisions have their own length and volume. These;

  • Around the nipple: This incision is made through a small incision around the areola. Because it is a small incision, the wound poses a risk even if it heals quickly because the incision is near the mammary glands.
  • Underbust incision: The incision under the breast does not harm the mammary glands, but heals quickly. According to the research, the most successful and risk-free surgery is the incision from the line under the breast. Also, because the incision made in this area has a natural appearance, it will be much less obvious.
  • Armpit incision: the prosthesis is inserted without an incision through the armpit.
    Post-operative recovery
    While breast augmentation surgery takes an hour and a half on average, the patient can be discharged immediately. After surgery, patients may experience pain from the muscles. Although this pain is not severe, it will go away over time after you rest. Although swelling in the surgical area due to edema may occur in the first three days after surgery, the swelling will decrease on the fourth day. Additionally, depending on the surgical technique, arm pain can be added to the symptoms.
  • The symptoms that appear after the operation will go away with the bath and massage that can be done on the third day. The reduction in this pain can vary from patient to patient.
  • When the operation is finished, there will be a skin-colored band in the area where the incision was made. Because of this band, the patient can wear a sports bra. This tape is removed on the fourteenth day after the operation. During this time, a bath can be taken on the third day after the operation.
What should I watch out for after the operation?
  1. After the breast augmentation, the patient receives an ID card for the implant. Patients should keep it for a lifetime.
  2. The patient can start consuming liquid foods within four hours of the operation. He can consume light foods for the next six hours.
  3. Pain that may occur after the operation can be reduced by massage.
  4. Medicines administered by the doctor should be used in full.
  5. Postoperative itching, tenderness, tension or numbness can occur in the chest. While these symptoms are extremely normal, you should avoid heavy exercise.
  6. A normal bra should not be worn after the procedure. Instead, a sports bra should be used for 3 weeks.
  7. People who have had breast augmentation surgery can return to work five days after the surgery if they don’t have a very strenuous job. They can start driving after seven days.
  8. No sutures are taken after the operation.
  9. As with any surgery, aspirin-type drugs, which can cause bleeding, should not be used for ten days after breast surgery.
  10. You should avoid activities such as heavy housework and exercise for a month after surgery.
  11. The massages recommended by your doctor should be performed in full.
  12. Although sports activities can be started in the 8th week after the operation, patients can sunbathe in the 6th week.
  13. The doctor’s control should never be interrupted.
  14. If a mammogram is required, the doctor should be informed. Ultrasound can be performed if necessary.
  15. In the postoperative phase, substances that make wound healing difficult, such as B. Smoking, should not be ingested.
How long is the life of the prosthesis used in breast augmentation?

Under normal conditions, a prosthesis can be used for a lifetime. However, sagging or loosening can occur in cases such as pregnancy, weight gain, aging, and chronic illness in people with dentures. A prosthesis replacement may be necessary as a result of these situations. Taking these factors into account, the lifespan of a prosthesis can be 15 to 20 years.

Pregnancy principle relationship with breast enlargement

Breast augmentation has no effect on pregnancy. As the breasts of pregnant women grow, the breasts return to their previous state after pregnancy. While breasts grow during pregnancy in people who have had breast augmentation surgery, their breasts return to their previous state after the pregnancy is over.

Even normally, the breasts of people undergoing breast augmentation surgery stay alive, while the breasts become dull after pregnancy. In addition, loss of sensation may occur during breast reduction surgery, although loss of sensation rarely occurs in the period after breast enlargement surgery. Because the feeling in the chest is usually on the nipple. Because breast augmentation surgery does not start from the nipple, this situation does not occur.

Breast enlargement surgery and allergy relationship

In everyday life, products such as many foods, creams and deodorants can cause allergies to people. Hence, the allergy problem is the strangest one for people who need to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The silicones and prostheses used in breast augmentation do not cause allergies to people in any way as they adapt to the body. But it seems to happen very rarely.

Relationship between silicone breasts and cancer

Although silicone breasts are believed to cause cancer for a while, it has been proven otherwise. Thanks to clinical studies by scientists, it was announced in 2006 that silicone breasts do not cause cancer in the human body. After this announcement, many questions in the patients‘ minds were resolved and the patients opted for calming breast augmentation surgery.

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