Eyebrow Lift Turkey – Brow Lift Cost Before After

Eyebrow Lift Turkey – Brow Lift Cost

Eyebrow Lift Turkey is especially preferred for women recently. Just as thin, arched eyebrows were popular in ancient times, thick, unremoved, messy and combed eyebrows have become fashionable in recent years. Then the frontal bone is drawn with a white eyeliner. Brow lift Turkey is very important for our facial expressions. People with low eyebrows can have them raised using these cosmetic tricks.

However, those who want it permanently turn to an eyebrow lift Turkey, especially the sagging of the eyebrows with age, seriously affecting the general appearance of the upper eyelid. It is possible to get rid of this situation with an eyebrow lift surgery Turkey so that you can look younger and more dynamic. In addition, you can show all kinds of imitations and highlight your angry, happy and confused situations with your eyebrows.

Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher
Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher


Eyebrow lift methods in Turkey

There are several methods of eyebrow lift in Turkey. You can choose the brow lift that works best for you and proceed accordingly. Since there are many options, the patient should examine thoroughly. At this point, the first thing that is done is to check the condition of the person, since problems may arise after making the wrong choice. During the examination, it should be checked by how much the eyebrows should be raised and which application is appropriate. These methods;

  • Eyebrow lift in Istanbul, Turkey with the stretching method, eyebrows are permanently raised with this method, and it is especially preferred by young and middle ages. First, a plan is made for the new position of the eyebrow, then the incision is started from the top of the eyebrow and the specific skin is removed. The eyebrow is combined with the overlying skin and the operation is complete. Local anesthesia is given to the patient before the procedure.
  • Brow Lift Turkey: This method reduces the person’s recovery time to the shortest possible time. It is a very modern method, in practice the access is provided with the help of micro devices directly inside the hairline and the falling eyebrows are hung in the skull. This method is integrated with the spider web aesthetics and ultherapy methods at the same time. After this application, wrinkles and loose skin structure on the face are also removed.

What should you watch out for after an eyebrow lift in Turkey?

The eyebrow lift Turkey process usually continues with checkups. During the check-ups it is checked whether the eyebrows have become accustomed to the new appearance, whether this raising results in an excessively raised appearance or different eyebrows, immediate intervention is carried out and early intervention is very important, so the checks should be carried out regularly to be checked. After the eyebrow lift, patients should not make too many facial expressions for a while, the eyebrows should not be tired.

Otherwise, performance may deteriorate even if a successful appearance is achieved. Therefore, it is very important to follow exactly what the doctor says, after all, this is an aesthetic surgery. About 3 weeks after surgery, heavy makeup should not be applied to the forehead area for 20-25 days, and patients think very wrongly about the news. They believe it will be good but shouldn’t be massaged in this area for the first 3 weeks. External can be removed 3 days after surgery.

Duration of treatment: 1 day inpatient
Total stay in Turkey: 5-7 Days
Anesthesia: local or general anesthesia
Duration of the operation: about 1 hour
Sports: after approx. 6-8 weeks
Ability to work: after approx. 2-3 weeks
Final Result after approx. 6 months

Eyebrow lift Turkey Before After Pictures & Results


Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher
Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher


Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher
Augenbrauenlifting Türkei – Brow Lift Kosten Vorher Nachher


Frequently asked questions about eyebrow lift in Turkey


  • 1. How Much Does Eyebrow Lift Turkey Cost?

    The cost of eyebrow lift Turkey varies from person to person and depending on the hospital. Therefore, it is not correct to specify a unique fee. It should definitely be done by experienced doctors. It would not be right to have it done in poor quality places as it is an operation that requires expertise and the results can be disappointing. Prices will be clarified at the location you specify after the exam.

    If you want to get the exact cost of brow lift in Turkey, please contact now with our team!


  • 2. Is it possible eyebrow lift without surgery in Turkey?

    The answer to the question of whether it is possible to have an eyebrow lift without surgery in Turkey is yes. In the method of lifting the eyebrows, threads with special protrusions of barbed wire are used, then the operation becomes easier and more painless. In addition, the most important aspect of this application is that it does not leave any marks on the face.

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