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Liposuction Alanya Antalya

Liposuction Alanya Antalya, also called liposuction, is performed for people who do not have serious weight problems such as obesity but who want to lose weight locally. In people who cannot get rid of fat using slimming methods, existing fatty tissue is removed and the body becomes better shape. The main name of the operation, commonly known as liposuction among people, is Liposuction Alanya Antalya. It is one of the most widely used aesthetic surgeries from the past few years to the present. The surgery is generally done to remove stubborn fat deposits such as the hips, hips, abdomen, waist, and knees, as well as regional excesses.

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Fettabsaugung - Liposuktion Antalya Alanya - Kosten - Vorher Nachher
Fettabsaugung - Liposuktion Antalya Alanya - Kosten - Vorher Nachher
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Frequently asked questions about liposuction in Turkey

How is liposuction surgery done in Alanya Antalya?

Liposuction Antalya Alanya  is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgeries, as women in particular are more likely to complain of regional and stubborn fat problems than weight problems. Losing weight is a bit easier, but burning fat is a very challenging process. Anyone who is impatient or unsuccessful in losing weight naturally can apply for an operation.

Who does liposuction in Alanya Antalya?

In the classic liposuction Alanya Antalya method, small incisions of 1 to 2 mm are first made in the area to be thinned and this area is opened, whereby the melting process of permanent oils begins. The broken down and melted fat is sucked off and removed with thin cannulas or injectors. In order not to see the scars from the operation, the body folds and the areas that are under underwear are operated on. Another liposuction method uses lasers. In laser-assisted liposuction, fat is stubbornly melted with laser beams, the melted fat is sucked off and removed with the help of cannulas with incisions of 1-2 mm. The most advanced liposuction technique is known as LazerLipo. With this technique, fats are metabolically expelled from the body through the kidney and liver, and no cutting or vacuuming is required.

Liposuction in Alanya Antalya Prices & Costs

1 Zone 1.000€*
2 Zonen 1.600€*
3 Zonen 2.200€*
4 Zonen 2.800€*
5 Zonen 3.400€*
Duration of treatment: 1-3 days inpatient
Duration of the operation: approx. 4-6 hours
Total stay in Alanya: 7-10 Days
Anesthesia: General anesthetic
Compression girdle: 4-6 Weeks
Sport: after approx. 2 months
Ability to work: after 1-2 weeks
End Result after approx. 6 months
Liposuction in Alanya Antalya is a kind of body sculpting operation although it cannot be presented as the definitive and permanent solution for local body fat due to sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits. This surgery is not a slimming formula applied like a slimming prescription or diet. Along with these, it is body contouring surgery on the hips, hips, neck, knees, legs, tickling and abdominal areas that develop stubborn fat in the body. The time to return to normal life after surgery is also short. Liposuction surgery in Antalya Alanya is performed under general or local anesthesia. Liposuction surgery applications are a type of self-esteem and aesthetic-enhancing operation on areas of fat that cannot be removed despite every effort to exercise, diet, and weight loss. This method, which is also effective in eliminating the inequalities between the upper body and lower body, allows fat to be extracted from the areas deemed necessary by both the lower part of the body and the upper part. Weight imbalances, which have a major impact on the person’s mental health and clothing style, can easily be eliminated with liposuction.
Liposuction surgery in Alanya Antalya performed with various techniques is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgery operations in the world and in our country.

In What Situations Is Liposuction Required In Alanya Antalya?

In Alanya Antalya liposuction, the fat that has accumulated in the body is surgically removed. Non-standard practices such as continual weight gain and pregnancy should not be expected to result in the result of the procedure in itself being permanent. Problems such as skin waste and cellulite that can occur during pregnancy and after giving birth are not disorders that must be treated with liposuction. Although liposuction surgery cannot completely prevent cellulite from forming, applying it to the area near the surface of the skin will result in a smoother complexion. However, sagging skin that occurs with continual weight gain and loss is one of the types of body damage that the liposuction method cannot get rid of. In addition to liposuction, body types with such problems also require sagging skin removal and tummy tuck surgery. To maintain the aesthetic appearance in the long term, it is imperative that the person regulate their eating habits and incorporate regular exercise into their life. With the advent of different types of liposuction, areas of application are also developing. It includes different types such as body contouring, sebum removal, and skin tightening.

In which areas is liposuction used in Alanya Antalya?

Female and male body structures are different from each other. These differences cause the fat concentration in different regions. For example, while this procedure is preferred for areas with stubborn fat such as the abdomen, hips and hips in women, men generally make an effort to remove fat from the abdomen, back, chest and waist area. With the development of technology, applications in medicine and aesthetics can be carried out in more and more regions. Forearm lipoidosis, known as the salinity zone in women, is one of the areas where liposuction surgeries are successfully performed. The lower chin area, which is easily exposed to fat during weight gain, is one of the most stubborn areas of fat that exercise and diet cannot remove. Due to the fact that liposuction is an aesthetic application, the application can be performed without leaving any traces in the area of ​​the lower chin, which is constantly being considered.

Liposuction in Alanya Antalya before after pictures & results

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