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Robotic Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey - Costs

Robotic Hair Transplant Turkey

Robotic Hair Transplant Turkey is a method that has existed for 10 years. The robotic hair transplantation is included in R & D technique. Robot hair transplantation is a transplantation technique taken from the donor area using a robot operation. Subsequently, the doctor performs the channel opening and transplant operations where the hair is removed. The robot works during hair removal.

Robot plantation, although the prevalence in Turkey is less advantageous. This method that is not found in many places is also not preferred because it is priced more expensive. Although many different devices have been manufactured for R & D hair transplant, this latest technology has proven to be very useful. It is also healthier, as it less harms the area in which the hair is removed.

Roboter Haartransplantation Türkei
Roboter Haartransplantation Türkei
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How is a robotic hair transplant in Turkey done?

The goal is to collect the strongest hair follicles in quality. While the robot executes the operation, the operator responsible for the computer can intervene in the robotic hair transplant in Istanbul as needed. If the operator does not interfere, the robot automatically detects the hair follicles to be removed and automatically determines which root should be removed in the next step. An important advantage of the robotic hair transplant in Turkey is that he does not harm existing healthy hair when collecting the hair follicles.

It is possible to summarize the channel opening process as follows: Each person has a different hair growth direction and density that needs to be transplanted to appear in a certain volume. Thanks to its optical reader, the robot remembers the hair follicles and opens channels without damaging the existing ones.

Before engaging, the photos of the patient are recorded from the front, from above and from the side, and the head structure is created three-dimensionally on the computer. In this way, as in an architectural project is meticulous, scientific and professionally prepared how much hair is transplanted into which region is directed, how the hair is directed and in which angle is to be transplant. Patients can enter the procedure without question marks. The process takes 7-8 hours and is completed on the same day.

What to do after the procedure?

After the procedure, the tissue from which the hair follicles are removed in the neck of the patient is covered with a bandage for 48 hours to avoid germs.

When sowing with a robot, no fluid is given under the skin. For this reason, edema and swelling in the robotic area compared to the R & D method are less frequent, since the subcutaneous tissue is not traumatized. The wound healing is much faster.

More About Robotic Hair Transplant in Turkey

48 hours after hair transplantation, a method is performed, which is called first washing. The purpose of this is this; The channel opens while the patient is transplanted, and each channel has an angle. At this angle, the skin is separated in a tiny incision and a slot is created. Over time, this area is encrusted. However, it is desirable that this encrustation gradually occurs. If it suddenly encrusted, unwanted situations such as an infection of the hair root can occur. For this reason, the hair wash operations, which begin two days after surgery, continued for eight days and applied once a day. In this process, a lotion is first applied to the skin and waited for 20 minutes. This makes the skin soft. Then washed. On the eighth day, the patient’s crust are stronger and the color changes from redness to brown. Finally, the tanning starts gradually hardening. For the last laundry for the eighth day, the lotion order is held for 40-50 minutes. The shells are then gently poured one after the other. On the tenth day, all the crusts of the patient are repelled as if his hair should be cut short. Patients are very happy if they see them in the mirror with the feeling of cutting their hair shortly.

After the robotic hair transplant in Turkey, it is necessary to maintain the hair very well. For this reason, it would be right to use special shampoos, sprays and tablets that strengthen the hair. This treatment is recommended to patients by Experts of Health Turkey.

When can patients return to their normal life?

There is no health problem and a day later you can return to work. In terms of appearance, redness and blasting of the crusts, in short, everything is complete after 10 days.

What are the advantages of a robotic hair transplant in Turkey – Istanbul?

One of the advantages of the robotic hair transplant Istanbul is that it offers a quick recovery time due to the lowest damage to the donor area. It is also an important advantage that the robot used in this transplantation collects more hair follicles. In addition, the vacuum function ensures that the hair follicles are not damaged. It can collect about 500 transplants per hour. In this way, the transplant collection process is ended in shorter time.

Thanks to the robot, the collected grafts can be removed with almost 0 damage. In this way, the survival rate of the grafts is doubled and the hair, which is transplanted to the patient, occupies a place on the scalp, which is ready to grow without losing its vitality. Since the area to be transwarded looks three-dimensionally thanks to the device, transplantation can be performed faster and more accurately.

How is the process after robot hair transplant Turkey?

The process after the robot hair transplant Turkey is not that difficult. About 2 days after transplantation, the head of the person is connected against a possible infection. Wounds can heal faster. In robot hair transplant, problems such as swelling do not frequently occur because no fluid is given under the skin. In general, this hair transplant is also important, which should be used in all hair transplants.

If you do not touch the scalp too much, the risk of infection is reduced and a healthy removal of the crusts is ensured. The person should only be advised by their doctor. Many doctors can apply their own method according to the procedure or keep themselves to classical methods. After about 10 days, the person who has a hair transplant is free of crusts.

Robot Hair Transplant Method Turkey

As a result; Robot hair operations should be carried out by a specialist. Especially in cases with a palm opening in the front area, the robot is the best choice. If transplantation is required, a robot hair surgery should be preferred for compression.

We have different hair transplant method such as R & D Hair Transplantation.

Robotic hair transplant Turkey before after pictures & results

Frequently asked questions about robotic hair transplantation in Turkey
  • 1. What does robotic hair transplants cost in Turkey?

    Costs for robot hair transplants in Turkey are less common than other methods, the prices for the devices used and the need for more than one person is needed during operation are a bit expensive. In addition, it is possible that prices are higher because they are not very common in our country.

    The amount you pay for robot hair transplantation can reach at least 10,000. However, the prices that pay for this very beneficial and effective process should not be high. Compared to other methods, the retention rate of hair transplanted in robot hair transplantation is higher. The reason for this is that the surgical robot removes the hair follicles harmlessly from the donor area. In this way, a hair break is prevented.

  • 2. What are the disadvantages of a robotic hair transplant?

    For the disadvantages of robot hair transplantation can be said that they are not very common and therefore a bit expensive. There is a lack of information about the success rates of women in this procedure. At the same time, robot hair transplantation has not achieved a great success in bright hair. Apart from these, not many disadvantages are known.

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