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Hair Transplant in Alanya

Do you also need hair transplant in Alanya? All details about hair transplant Alanya can be found on this page. Hair loss is one of the most common cosmetic problems encountered today. Although it is believed to be specific to men, it is a problem that women face from time to time. It is normal to shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day. If numbers are spilled over it, a specialist should be consulted. Although hair loss can be reduced or prevented with various hair treatments such as hair laser and PRP, hair transplantation is performed as a permanent solution for people with severe hair loss.

Haartransplantation Antalya Alanya
Haartransplantation Antalya Alanya
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Why should you choose Hair Transplant in Alanya?

Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of thinning and baldness caused by hair loss. In hair transplantation, hair follicles that are genetically resistant to hair loss are taken from the patient’s neck and transplanted into the ducts that are open in parts that are bald or thinning. Hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation that is performed under local anesthesia. Because of this, it should be done in a hospital setting and in the presence of an anesthetist.

Although hair transplants in Antalya Alanya are usually done by men, they can also be done by women. While shedding around 70 strands of hair per day is considered normal, there may be a few exceptions. Hair loss, which can generally be related to age, can also be related to genetics or disease.

The various hair transplant methods in Alanya used today are used to perform operations that can be permanent in the case of hair loss problems. Since the person-to-person sessions are very effective, large changes can also be made in a short amount of time.

Hair Transplant Procedures in Alanya Antalya

Procedure Time:

6-8 hours


Local Anaesthesia, (sedation option is also available)

Possible Side Effects:

bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, itching, numbness

Recovery Time:

2 weeks. Patients look like they have just shaved their hair once they completed their 2 weeks.

Expected Results:

Once 6th month is completed, patients see 70% of the final result. Patients need to wait to complete 1 year period to see as 100%.

Preferred Method:

FUE. It is the newest technology. Scarless and painless, gives natural results.

How is hair transplant done in Alanya Antalya?

It is possible to say various techniques for answering the question of how to do hair transplant in Alanya Antalya. Generally, the roots are taken from areas such as the chest, legs, and neck and transplanted into the area where the hair is shed using various methods. It is possible to count around 8 for the techniques to be used during hair transplantation.

This non-shaving technique, also known as DHI hair transplant, involves opening channels in the scalp with a medical pen and performing transplant operations on the scalp. Because the transplanted hair follicles have less contact with the outside, a healthier transplant is achieved.

The channels opened during sapphire hair transplantation, namely the method known as FUE, are smaller. In this method, which is made with a different pen, the small channels shorten the healing process even further. At the same time, after this transplant technique, the crusts decrease.

Hair transplant Alanya before after pictures & results

Haartransplantation Alanya Antalya
Haartransplantation Alanya Antalya

Hair transplant techniques:

Today, the following hair transplant methods are used in Antalya Alanya successfully. Each method is specifically selected based on the needs and requirements of the patient. The shared opinion of the doctor and the patient about which method to use is effective.

Robotic hair surgery

In this procedure, hair follicles are collected by the hair transplant robot. After the canals have been opened with the hair transplant robot, the collected roots are transplanted manually.

DHI hair transplant

In this method, also known as DHI direct hair transplant, the canal opening and transplant processes are done at the same time using a medical pen called a choi. Because the hair follicles to be transplanted stay outside for a shorter period of time, the grafts are more likely to stay healthy.

Sapphire FUE hair transplant

This procedure uses a special sapphire-tipped pen instead of a metal slot during the channel opening phase. What makes the method different are these sapphire tips, which are used to open smaller microchannels, thereby speeding up the healing process and reducing scab formation.

FUE hair transplant

Hair follicles, which are collected and separated with a micromotor, are transplanted into manually opened channels.

What should be considered after hair transplant in Alanya?

Was ist nach der Haartransplantation zu beachten?
Was ist nach der Haartransplantation zu beachten?

How many hours does hair transplant in Alanya Antalya take and is it convenient?

The operation takes an average of 6-7 hours. General anesthesia will definitely not be performed during the operation and the patient will not be anesthetized. The patient who is being given local anesthesia or sedation performs the procedure by chatting.

Is there any pain or pain during the hair transplant in Alanya Antalya?

Since the hair transplant in Alanya Antalya is performed under local anesthesia, the pain or sensation of pain is minimal. Another method that is used in addition to local anesthesia is sedation. Sedation hair transplant allows us to provide a dream hair transplant experience for our patients who get excited quickly and have high levels of anxiety.

How many days should I have left for the hair transplant in Alanya?

For hair transplant in Antalya Alanya, it is enough for the patient to allocate 3 days, taking into account the pre- and post-processes.

Haartransplatation Antalya Alanya
Haartransplatation Antalya Alanya

Hair transplant in Alanya Antalya Prices

Experienced doctors

Our team, acting from the point of view of health, is the leader of everything and with its knowledge, experience and experience of more than twenty years is at the service of our valued customers. Our portfolio; It doesn’t just include class-based hair transplantation; We also support our customers in hair treatment courses. In our organization not only hair and treatments, but also eyebrow transplants are carried out. We serve our patients with our latest technological equipment and many years of knowledge, experience and experienced staff. Quality and safe service are one of our basic principles. Health patients treated in our hospital have been abandoned more than fourteen thousand in Antalya Alanya today. The awards we have received show us how high quality and customer-oriented we are. This pride stimulates our love of service more and increases our sense of duty and responsibility.

Why Should You Choose Health Antalya Alanya for Hair Transplant?

We diagnose our patients primarily with our patient-centered approach based on excellence in every point. In the first phase we carry out your treatments free of charge. As a result of this treatment, the diagnosis is made and the patient is informed.

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya

What is our vision?

The Gesundheit Antalya Alanya Family has always adopted the smiling face principle and the highest quality service in their facility. It aims to be a well-known and sought-after brand around the world. Increase in satisfaction by contacting our patients with personal solutions in addition to solving general problems and providing all kinds of support for the problems.

Our hair transplant in Antalya Alanya treatments are the most sought after hair loss from our doctors in recent days in Antalya Alanya. This is not based on a single cause, but has many reasons. When we take these into account, stress, unbalanced diet, genetic predisposition, and medication can all be diversified. In addition, neglect of hair care is one of the factors that accelerate hair loss. In the hair transplant phase, the hair around both ears is collected first.

The next step is predetermined and is drawn into the hair gathered to the one used by our team DHI items technique. Turkey is a medical transplant. In our clinic, this process is carried out effortlessly and painlessly. The mustache and beard transplant takes a very short time. The beard and mustache, which are the appearance of the man, are given a fuller and healthier look than before by transplanting the hair follicles.

Is Hair Transplant in Antalya Alanya Successful?

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher

If you think hair transplant is a useful method, it is a very useful method. Contrary to what is known, a hair transplant shouldn’t be viewed as a temporary procedure as it is permanent. Although the growth of the transplanted hair and the healing of the scalp vary from person to person, almost any person can get very satisfactory results unless the situation is contrary.

It is important that the hair transplant in Antalya Alanya is performed by a good doctor. In some cases, it is a successful procedure if the person undergoing a hair transplant does not have a disease or situation that prevents the scalp from producing and developing new hair. There is also a maintenance phase of the job. When the person who has a hair transplant is not doing well after the hair transplant, it is a little difficult for the hair transplant to be successful.

What will be done to the areas where hair cannot be transplanted?

In addition to these services in our clinic; Since alopecia is treated with a simulation of thinning hair and is unsuitable for cultivating medical interventions on our plantation as Antalya Alanya, we can kavuşturmakt the health of our patients. In addition to these services, we also perform hair mesotherapy to protect the hair and prevent hair loss. With the scar treatment that we apply to our patients, traces such as burns and wounds that have not passed genetically, such as burns and wounds in the past, have a natural and healthy appearance thanks to graft transplantation.

Our hair transplant techniques are used in our center to increase satisfaction and efficiency. If we take them DHI hair transplant, percutaneous microchannel technology, sapphire plantation, micro FU and painless hair transplant, we will increase our plantation, our excellence in hair transplant techniques, as well as the technical and diverse carried out with the success of the Turkish team and we ideally spread to a wider satisfaction of the audience. The awards we have received today with our patients, which express their satisfaction both on screens and on microphones and which make us proud, are the best examples of this. The head structure is different for everyone.

Therefore the design is also personal. In addition to the head structure in the hair transplant, age, gender, facial features of the person and the large area required for the transplant are also important. About two weeks after the hair transplant, the transplanted part should be protected from physical shock and sunlight.

Best hair transplant clinic in Antalya Alanya

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher

Hair loss is one of the problems men face today. Hair loss starts at a young age due to problems such as using chemical shampoos on time, improper hair care and not cleaning the creams on the hair well. Other causes of hair loss include air pollution, a lack of regular hair cleaning, and genetic reasons.

They lose their hair at a young age because they face problems like stress and illness that have problems with hair loss. However, medical technology developments are used to restore hair in a short time. At the beginning of these developments there are hair team services today. A hair transplant under the direction of hair transplant specialist Ahmet Demir is offered as a service in Istanbul. And it is given to people from all over the world.

FAQs Hair Transplant in Alanya

How is a hair transplant performed in Antalya Alanya?

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher

They are simply operations that remove the hair on the ears and neck and add it to the areas of the head where there is no hair. These operations should be done professionally. Otherwise, it can lead to head problems. Hair and hair follicles removed for hair transplantation are removed under local anesthesia. In addition, the areas where the sowing is to take place are created by placing the hair and hair follicles with the help of a micromotor after their prior preparation.

Operations on thousands of hair follicles are laborious and require patience. This practice does not produce healthy results, except for the doctors who specialize in this practice. Hair transplant performed by Ahmet Demir is carried out by professional equipment and teams in ISTANBUL.

Is Hair Transplant Dangerous in Antalya Alanya?

Any operation performed in the medical field is inherently dangerous. It is necessary to get support from health institutions that provide professional hair transplant services. It is for this reason that there are dozens of facilities in Istanbul that are engaged in hair transplantation. Among these institutions, it is necessary to work with hospitals that have specialized staff in the medical field.

Hair transplants in Antalya Alanya are generally performed on the head. Although our head is protected by a skull, hair transplants that are not performed by specialists can cause some problems in the first place. With many years of experience, hair transplant specialist Ahmet Demir is treated in Istanbul with a professional team. Hair transplants performed with a professional team are hassle-free.

What services does hair transplant in Antalya Alanya include?

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher

People who benefit from hair transplant services can make an appointment at and have their hair follicles examined. Free hair transplant examination is offered as part of Istanbul Services. In addition, local anesthesia is painless for hair and hair follicles removed from parts such as the ear and neck for hair transplantation. It is also important that the hospital where the hair transplant will be performed is fully equipped for the hair growth phase during the recovery period. Most importantly, the services offered are provided by a professional team and advanced technological tools.

More than 20 years of experience prove the quality of hair transplant in Istanbul. In this way, people who come from our country and the world to transplant hair, professionally solve the problem of hair loss. In addition, the hospital guarantees hair transplants. This guarantees a smooth and high quality service.

What kind of care should people with hair transplantation provide in Antalya Alanya?

haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher
haartransplantation Antalya Alanya vorher nachher

The skin and hair characteristics of people’s scalp are different from each other. Therefore, if the care of the person’s hair is entrusted to the specialist after the services of Hair Transplant Istanbul, it should be fully applied. Otherwise, hair loss or the success of a hair transplant can be overshadowed.

When researching post-hair transplant care in general, people shouldn’t wash their hair after hair transplant for a period of time. In addition, a hat should not be worn for a certain period of time. Since there is a possibility of contamination of the hair by these structures, it should be avoided in places with air pollution and no heavy work should be carried out. One should try to avoid tiring feelings such as nervousness, stress, and fear. Most importantly, people who smoke should stop smoking for a long time.

How long does hair start growing after a hair transplant? (Hair Transplant Antalya Alanya)

People who have had hair transplants generally believe that their hair will grow back immediately. However, hair regrowth is a process that requires patience and effort. It is observed that the number of hair follicles in the head increases after a hair transplant. It takes time for this hair to mature and strengthen itself with the nutrients it has absorbed. When the hair follicles are exposed, the damage also slows hair growth. If you regularly preserve and care for your hair over a long period of time, you will see observable hair growth after a few months.

After hair transplant, the recommendations recommended by Ahmet Demir will facilitate hair growth. Following the required controls, it is deemed necessary to use the recommended hair shampoo as part of these procedures. Hair growth occurs in healthy ways in hair follicles that are kept clean with the right shampoo and applications.

Best Hair Transplant Center in Antalya Alanya

By considering the information below, you will find answers to questions such as what is a hair transplant center and what to expect and how should patient needs be met? As a conscious society, we strongly recommend that you be careful when choosing a hair transplant center.

Hair transplant prices in Antalya Alanya are a surgical method of hair restoration.

Modern hair transplantation offers natural and undetectable results.

It is an excellent treatment option for hair loss in both men and women. Patients undergoing hair transplantation are recommended to use medical treatment to maintain the surgical results and to prevent the hair from running around them.

Hair transplants are done in Istanbul and all over Antalya Alanya, but it is always important to work with specialist doctors. Hair transplant specialist Ahmet Demir is happy to help you with his experience and smiling face.

Hair transplant methods in Antalya Alanya

Hair transplantation with follicular units is the gold standard method for hair transplantation. Preserves the natural architecture of the hair units and delivers natural results.
Mini microtransplantation is a method that includes hair transplantation. Regardless of the natural configuration of the follicular units, randomly selected hair groups are selected under a magnifying glass or examination with the naked eye. Mini-grafts consist of 4-5-6 hairs, micro-grafts consist of 1-3 hairs.

Hair transplant in Antalya Alanya services can be offered in the following areas:

  • Hospitals,
  • Daily surgery centers,
  • Outpatient treatment facilities.

Hair Transplant Center Antalya Alanya Design Requirements

It is a small operation that can be done in the hair transplant operating room. The processing room must have a floor area of ​​at least eleven square meters. It should contain the dental chair and hair transplant equipment. The operating room should be equipped to guard against the injection of local anesthesia in the wrong doses or areas, against allergic reactions and against irritation of the post-operative areas. Preferably, there should be one treatment chair per room in the hair transplant center.
If there are several processing chairs in one room, the treatment chairs are surrounded by cell walls with a minimum floor area of ​​nine square meters for reasons of privacy. The operating room should be equipped with medication and equipment for clinical emergencies.

The hair transplant center should be sensitive to the patient’s approval and act according to the following points:

• Before the interventions, the patient must be informed and approved by the attending physician.
• The attending physician should not delegate this responsibility.
• Must be signed by the patient and include details of the procedure and possible benefits, risks, and complications. Documents should be kept in the patient’s medical records.
• Hair transplant professionals should provide the patient with the time and information necessary to make a voluntary and informed decision about whether or not to continue the intervention.
• Appropriate laboratory tests and examinations should be performed and verified prior to transplantation.
• The patient should be informed of the expected hair growth after the transplant.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic Antalya Alanya

As a hair transplant clinic, we carry out hair transplant procedures under the direction of Ahmet Demir. We are continuing our recently started activities without any problems with our experienced staff. Every day dozens of people say they want a hair transplant by calling our clinic or coming to our clinic in person.

Before we decide on a hair transplant clinic, we realize that many of our clients have chosen to have a hair transplant based on the service details we discussed in these preliminary interviews with our clients.
One of the most important reasons why our customers, who prefer our company as a hair transplant clinic, prefer us is our understanding of high interest and customer satisfaction in providing our services.
As a hair transplant clinic, one of the most important factors in our preference for this understanding is to make our customers smile and thereby make other people prefer our clinic. To achieve this, we promise a nearly 100 percent success rate in hair transplantation and we are committed to performing hair transplant procedures at the most affordable price.

How does the hair transplant process begin and result?

The treatment and preparation services that we offer along with the hair transplant procedures that we perform as a hair transplant clinic are one of the top reasons our customers choose our clinic.
After our patients come to our clinic, they are greeted with advanced attention by our clinical staff and taken to our appropriate department to explain the service details.

After our client has received the necessary information about the hair transplant method to be performed in this unit, the necessary examinations will be carried out with the participation of our hair transplant specialist Ahmet Demir to determine the open area and calculate the hair follicles to be used.
After it has been decided which hair follicle to transplant, our customer will be referred to the billing service to pay the hair transplant fee previously obtained with our customer. Our customers can make their payments to the invoicing service in cash or by credit card in accordance with the contractual conditions previously reached.
Take our patient to the clinic where a hair transplant will be performed.

After our patient applies in our building where we continue our activities as a hair transplant clinic and payment is made, the hair will be cut in the area where the hair will be cut and the area where the hair will be cut Made ready for use as a dispenser.

After the area in which the hair follicles will be removed is ready, all preparations for the hair transplant for our customer are now complete. In the hair transplant department of the building where we operate as a hair transplant clinic, our customers are dressed in appropriate clothing. This clothing consists of aprons that allow our customers to move comfortably during the long hair transplant.
After our customers have put on aprons, the final preparation phase is also complete. After this phase, our team will move to the department where our client is located and begin extracting the hair follicles from the donor area that will be used for the hair transplant.

Removal of hair roots and holes to be implanted
Hair follicle extraction, one of the most important and final stages in the hair transplant process, is possibly the second longest process in the hair transplant process. The reason is that the certain number of hair follicles needs to be removed continuously and quickly.

With the extraction of the hair follicles, the holes for the implantation of the hair follicles started at the same time have the property of closing in a short time. If the hair follicles that are quickly removed are not transferred into the holes, then those holes will need to be reopened as the holes will be closed.

This means a painful and lengthy transplant session for the patient and a waste of work and time for our clinic. For this reason, the operation of removing the hair follicles, which is started quickly, and the operation of opening the holes into which the hair follicles are transplanted are performed at the same time. Even so, the hair transplant process, which can take a long time, is completed by planting the roots one by one in the opened holes.
Due to the long hair transplant process, it may be possible to take a meal break in between. After these short breaks for both the client and the staff, the hair transplant process will continue and the hair transplant process will be completed.

What is the process after hair transplant in Antalya Alanya?

After completing the hair transplant process, our customer begins with the successful work with FUE technique, the technique used to experience the luck of hair transplant, which he has overcome without too much pain. Until the effect of local anesthesia for the prevention of pain occurs during the procedure, all pain, which you can have due to the transplant process, almost completely disappear.

If the anesthesia fits, they feel well and painless, as if no procedure had been done. Removing the fluid injected under the skin to open the hair holes during transplant can take about 15 days.

Although they do not feel pain or pain due to the injected fluid, they can feel how the skin of their head is swollen due to the resulting swelling. At the end of the period of 15 days, however, this liquid will be removed to almost 100 percent of your skin.

The meaning of the first 15 days after hair transplantation in Antalya Alanya

During the period of 15 days, they will find some improvements due to the hair transplant procedure. The beginning of this is the loss of transplanted hair. Although the transplanted hair does not fall off in some patients, it can be seen that the hair transplanted in the first 15 days is lost in most people with hair transplantation.

These lost hair are not a sign of a bad situation. These hair, which grow again, are repelled because they go through a process that must be biological. When their transplanted hair is repelled, they grow back in about 6 months, as they leave the hair cells in the roots of the transplanted area. This period can be shortened for some of our customers with hair transplant to 3 months.

In the first 15 days after the hair transplantation, great attention should be paid to the transplanted area. In cases where a place is made, the hair is growing in the transplanted area due to external influences with the roots. This may mean that no hair is growing in the area in which a hair transplant is performed.

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