Storklift Asansör

Storklift & Hassna El Kholdi DANGEROUS COMPANY!

Storklift company is located in Konya and produces and supplies Elevators. Storklift company also exports abroad.

I would like to inform you about the problems we encountered with Storklift Company and its owner Hassna El Kholdi.

As Seoland, we agreed on 2 websites for Storklift and we created and published them as agreed within 30 days. We also worked on SEO and marketing for 2 more months.

During this period, Hassna always says: I will pay you next week, I will pay you next month, etc. said. But he always delayed and never called us to pay or apologize. So you may feel like you never want to pay. Moreover, he insulted and shouted at us on the phone, even though he was wrong. He is someone who has absolutely no respect for people’s hard work. We do not recommend working with Storklift and Hassna El Kholdi, companies that do not have such a concept of respect.

We spent a lot of money on both of his projects and our team put in a lot of effort.

I want to tell you that you should not work with Storklift and Hassna El Kholdi, which are very dangerous and never pay their wages. Don’t trust them!

Moreover, the work done was entirely contractual and invoiced. All details were discussed and understood with him before starting the work. First he said he would pay after the work was completed. Then he said he will pay next week. As we stated, this payment never came and it has been almost 5 months in total.

He also knew that he would receive high returns in areas such as SEO, Export Marketing and Website in line with the services offered. He was also informed how costly this work was. He said in a very casual manner that he would always pay. However, he never showed respect for labor and did not take the work done and payment seriously. When we stated that we would file a lawsuit through a lawyer, he again acted in a very relaxed manner and said that you can do whatever you want.

As mentioned, Storklift and Hassna El Kholdi are actually large companies that export Elevators.